Zicke zacke, zicke zacke, hoi hoi hoi!


What’s OkDROberfest?

OkDROberfest is a beer-centric celebration hosted by the trio of San Leandro breweries -- Drake’s, Cleophus Quealy, and 21st Amendment. We wanted to create our own Oktoberfest-style tradition and bring some Bavarian-inspired festivities to our hometown.


Wait, what’s Oktoberfest?

You probably know what it is without even realizing it! Think lederhosen, bratwurst, and of course, frosty mugs of delicious beer. It’s a tradition that began in Munich to celebrate a royal wedding back in 1810, and the whole town had such a great time they decided to do it again the next year. And the next year. And… You get the idea. Today, Oktoberfest is the largest festival in the world. Since it’s tough to try and get to Munich every year, we thought we’d bring a taste of the festivities to our corner of San Leandro.


Why’s it called Oktoberfest / OkDROberfest if it’s in September?

Oktoberfest actually ends in October, but it starts the third weekend of September. In Munich, Oktoberfest will start September 17th and end October 3rd this year, so we decided to pick a date for OkDROberfest that was right in the middle.


What do tickets include?

If you purchase your ticket before September 23rd, you will get a San Leandro brewery passport, an OkDROberfest beer stein, a 10oz beer at all three breweries, and access to the shuttle that will make a continuous loop between Cleophus Quealy, 21st Amendment, and Drake’s. You’ll also get a swag bag with some goodies from all three breweries as a “thank you” for your enthusiasm about our very first OkDROberfest.

If tickets do not sell out by September 23rd, they will be available at the door for $25, and will include the San Leandro brewery passport, the OkDROberfest beer stein, a 10oz beer at all three breweries, and shuttle access.

We’re also offering DD tickets! For $5, designated drivers will get all the swag minus the beers, plus unlimited high fives for being responsible grown-ups.


Can I buy tickets at the door?

In theory, sure! However, there are a limited number of tickets, so we can’t promise that there will still be tickets available by September 24th.


Can I still come by if I don’t have a ticket?

You’re welcome to come by all three breweries and enjoy food, music, and brews, ticket or not! However, without a ticket you won’t be able to snag any of the OkDROberfest swag or catch a ride on the shuttle, so plan accordingly!


Can I bring my dog / child / various underaged relatives?

Sadly, tickets and shuttle service are ONLY available to adults 21 and up, so if you’d like to bring them, you’ll have to plan alternate transportation. Also, be aware that it may be a bit busier than usual at all three tasting rooms, and this could be overwhelming for children and pooches.

Have more questions that we didn't answer? Email staff@cleoph.us for any extra info!